Fed: I’m a druggie


The Mirror, 26/05/2003, p6&7

BIG BROTHER’S cocky love machine Federico Martone made a fool of
himself on live TV – with a sleazy drugs boast.
The 23-year-old son of a millionaire restaurant boss, claimed he had
used “copious” amount of drugs.
But his wild boast, which came 24 hours after he claimed to have bedded
scores of women, did nothing to impress the other housemates.
They refused to fall for his shock tactics and instead carried on with
a weak chat about ghosts.
Federico, from Glasgow, made his shock admission as the group relaxed
around the lounge area late on Saturday.
The group had been having a laugh at Anouska’s claim that she had seen
the tooth fairy.
Irishman Ray then asked the houemates if they’d ever seen a ghost.
And ex-model Federico replied: “I think I might have done. But I was on
copious amounts of narcotics at the time – so I’m not too sure.”
It was just the latest futile shock tactic to backfire on Freddy,
turning off viewers and fellow housemates.
He had earlier turned up at the house sporting condoms and a pair of
Relatives also revealed he’s already a loser in love – after being
dumped by his last girlfriend.
But his cousin reckons he is ready to make the most of his single
status trying to win a cash prize for becoming the first contestant to
have sex in the house.
And the half-Italian stud has already opened a bank account for any
money he earns after appearing on the show.
Dino Zecchino, who runs Alberto’s cafe in Dennistoun, Glasgow, said:
“He’s a love machine and he’s determined to bank the cash.
“All he needs to do is find a girl who is willing to split the prize
money – and I don’t think he’ll have any worries.
“Nush has been all over him but I think he’ll go for one of the
dark-haired girls, probably Anouska.
“Federico has women chasing after him all the time. He’s hot stuff and
he really knows how to have a good time.”
His last relationship ended after two years when his girl dumped him
for another man.
A school pal revealed he was “gutted” by the split and returned from
his job as a cocktail waiter in New York.
Adam Louden, 22, said: “He immediately dropped everything and dashed
home in a desperate bid to win her back.
“But he wasn’t exactly faithful to her either. He’s always picking up
girls in his dad’s restaurant.”
Federico made the most of his reputation when boasted to his fellow
housemates that he bedded a 37-year-old woman when he was only 19. The
Big Brother boys were gossiping in the pool in the early hours of
yesterday morning when Federico made his claim.
Mild-mannered Jon exclaimed: “You were 19?!”
Wide-eyed Irishman Ray then perked up and asked: “Did she look old?”
Federico replied: “Naw man, she looked fit. She probably looked about
her late 20s.”
But the Scot also spent time swapping saucy innuendo with housemate
Anouska yesterday.
The pair got hot and sweaty on an exercise machine as part of their
task to keep it going for 72 hours.
Anouska jumped on while Federico was pedalling. And he said: “Hey, you
don’t have to go that fast. What are you doing?”
She replied: “You don’t want to go dead stiff.”
With a wry smile and a glint in his eye, Federico added: “That’s
supposed to be a good thing.”
Celtic fan Federico, from the Mount Vernon area of Glasgow, worked in
his dad’s restaurant Pulcinella’s before becoming one of the 12
And father Rocco said: “He needs to come back and help me out.”
But the easy-going dad insisted he isn’t worried about his son’s
on-screen antics.
He added: “I’m sure he knows what he is doing.
“He’s always been that way with girls but he’s got a good head on his
“He is always full of tricks. Nothing he could do would shock me.”
But his son’s apparent plans to bed a housemate received a blow
yesterday as Anouska’s older sister insisted she was no “slapper”.
Gizelle, 25, said: “I think she made the mistake of getting too drunk
on the first night and people have got the wrong impression of her.
“She’s not the type to have one-night stands crawling out of the
It followed her naughty proposal to Federico when she suggested: “We
should have a mad love sex affair.”
And while the 20-year-old is 10/11 favourite to be the first housemate
evicted, Scot Cameron Stout is odds-on to be a star of the series.
However, it could come at a price, because he faces being booted out of
his church in Harray, Orkney.
One member of Stromness Baptist Church said: “He may come off the show
and find he is not welcome at the church any more. Some people there
frown on things like this.”
Neighbour Karen Williams said: “A lot of his friends in the Baptist
church were not happy that he was going on Big Brother.”
Last night, Cameron’s odds were slashed to 8/1, behind Ray at 3/1,
Scott 5/1, Nush 6/1 and… Federico 7/1.
Tania is 9/1 followed by Steph 10/1, Sissy and Gos 12/1, Justine 14/1
and John 16/1. Anouska is 20-1 to win.


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