Fayed: Di and Dodi murdered

HeadLine: Fayed: Di and Dodi murdered

The Mirror, 16/12/2003, p15

MOHAMED Al Fayed yesterday launched his latest bid for a public inquiry
into the 1997 car crash of Princess Diana and his son Dodi.
He was speaking outside a court as he insisted that the couple had been
He declared: “The most beautiful woman in the world was murdered with
my son. I have been fighting for six years, but I can see the light and
justice can be done.”
He wants a judicial review of the Scottish Lord Advocate’s refusal to
hold an official probe.
Lawyer Richard Keen, QC, told Edinburgh’s Court of Session there were
“matters which cast material doubt” on the official explanation that
the crash was an accident.
He added a probe could force the intelligence services to say if they
played a role in the Paris smash.
He said driver Henri Paul may have been an MI6 informant, he chose an
unusual route and road cameras were turned off.
The case continues.


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