Fame Academy stars family reckon David is …The Natural


The Mirror, 10/12/2002, p15

HE’S the baby-faced Scot on the brink of pop chart success – but
don’t write David Sneddon off as a boy-band wannabe.
Because his biggest fans reckon the boy from Paisley has got just what
it takes to make it as a credible artist.
Parents Anne and David say the 24-year-old has had a rough ride since
entering TV’s Fame Academy.
But they claim he has proved his critics wrong and is now a serious
contender to win the £1million recording contract.
Dad David, a criminal justice social worker from Paisley, said: “The
David you see on television is the real David.
“He has been totally natural, which is why I think the public have
taken to him.
“We are confident he has the talent and determination to win.”
David loved listening to his father’s Beatles records as a baby, but it
was his music teacher who recognised his talent after he auditioned for
a school play and suggested he join the Paisley Youth Theatre.
Mum Anne, a creche co-ordinator, said: “He was just a natural on stage
and soon he was winning the lead roles in all the school shows and
Paisley Youth Theatre productions.
“When he was 21 he wrote and presented the children’s television show
Inside Out, but that only lasted for a few months.
“His dream is to make it as a musician.”
David, who now lives in a shared flat in Glasgow’s southside, currently
fronts a band called The Martians after starring with boy band Arena in
the mid 90s.
His big break came after a friend spotted an advert for Fame Academy on
David initially lost out to Irish lass Sinead Quinn after singing live
on the opening show.
But he was brought in as a replacement when fellow Scot Naomi Roper had
to drop out with throat problems.
David’s megawatt smile and ever-positive attitude saw him quickly win
the hearts of the public.
But he faces his toughest challenge on Friday when he goes up against
former bookie’s favourite Lemar and Sinead.
The Sneddons have become celebrities in their own right. David’s
sister, Pauline, 20, said: “Everywhere I go people come up to me and
say ‘Are you David Sneddon’s sister? I love David’.
“At last week’s show David shouted ‘Am I famous?’ and I shouted back
‘David, I’m famous!'”
But dad David said: “We had no idea how stressful it would be.”
Anne added: “We are immensely proud of him, apart from one incident
where he was seen playing the piano naked during the academy’s
halloween party, we’ll be having words about that when he gets home.”
David’s girlfriend Eleanor Roffe, 21, will accompany the family to the
live show in London this weekend. She said: “It has been hard being
apart for so long.
“I thought it was going to be a straight run for Lemar, but now David
is in with a real chance.”
The winner of Fame Academy will receive the biggest prize ever won on
British television.
They get a £1m recording contract, a luxury flat in London’s trendy
Nottinghill, a car, personal stylist, tickets to major events including
the Brit Awards and the FA Cup Final, a cameo part in a movie and a
holiday in the Caribbean.


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