Fame Academy special: Fame star David is chart topper


The Mirror, 18/01/2003, p7

SCOTS crooner David Sneddon is poised to be crowned Top of the Pops
with his debut single tomorrow – a song he busked with in Glasgow just
months ago.
The 24-year-old winner of Fame Academy has been outselling pop
favourites Girls Aloud’s Sound Of The Underground single by almost
three to one this week.
Amazingly, David’s debut single, Stop Living The Lie, was written by
the singer when he was aged just 17.
Now industry experts are predicting that the song will go straight in
at No.1 when the new chart is released on Sunday.
And David, from Paisley, Renfrewshire, is ready to celebrate his
success in Glasgow tomorrow night – by making a special appearance at
The Tunnel nightclub.
The singer and his family are then expected to be whisked off for a
champagne reception at a top hotel, before he makes a series of
national TV and radio appearances next week.
But yesterday David, who won a £1million recording contract and a year
in a posh London flat on Fame Academy, confessed to the Mirror that,
despite his success, he is still finding the lifestyle of a superstar
solo singer very lonely.
He said: “I’ve just started using the big band now, which I had in Fame
Academy, which is a great because it’s what I’m all about.
“Before the show I was in a band called The Martians and that’s where I
came from when I busked for years.
“I have to say that I am actually missing being with a band a lot now
that I am performing on my own.”
Although he now has celebrity visitors to his flat such as sexy actress
Amanda Holden, Sneddon insists that his family will soon bring him down
to earth if he gets too big for his boots.
He said: “On my first promotional event, which was in Glasgow, there
were girls screaming and crying and it was unbelievable.
“But I don’t think my relationships with people will change. I’ve got
all that great stuff from the prize now, but I don’t think I’ve changed
at all.
“What’s real are my friends and family back home. If my head was to go
into the clouds, they would soon kick it out of me.”
Earlier this week David showed his tender side when he helped make a
dream come true for a seriously-ill fan.
The pop world’s latest heart-throb met tragic Caroline MacDonald, 21,
after she begged him to get in contact with her.
The big-hearted star immediately agreed to meet her when he heard she
had a brain tumour.
Caroline, of Dufftown, near Elgin, Moray, said: “He’s every bit as
lovely as I thought he’d be.
“He really is just so nice and asked my opinion about the new songs he
had played.
“But I think I might have hurt his feelings because I said that I still
liked Stop Living the Lie best and wasn’t that fond of the other
David added: “Twelve weeks ago I went down to London as a reserve for a
TV show and now I have come back and am being described as an
ambassador for Scotland.
“I keep using words like surreal and crazy, because I don’t have any
other word to describe what has happened.”


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