Dinky dog Dex is just a wee slip of a thing

HeadLine: Dinky dog Dex is just a wee slip of a thing

The Mirror, 14/03/2002, p31

MINI-MUTT Dex can’t bring owner Charlie Kinnon his slippers – he’s too
small to lift them.
In fact, the three-inch high Yorkshire Terrier fits right inside one of
Charlie’s baffies.
Dex weighs nine ounces at eight weeks old, and defied vets by surviving
at all.
Professional breeder Charlie, 53, from Erskine, near Glasgow, had to
give Dex the kiss of life when he was born weighing just one ounce.
Sadly, neither of his two equally-tiny sisters survived.
Determined Dex now struts around the house but Charlie, who has been
breeding the toy dogs for 25 years, said: “He was so tiny when he was
born, I didn’t think he’d survive.
“But, after giving him the kiss of life, he seemed fine.
“Even then because he was so small we didn’t think he had a chance, but
he is a fighter.
“We used eyedrop tubes to give him milk from his mum Ellie because his
tiny mouth couldn’t suckle. He’s fine now.
“He eats puppy food mixed with a little milk – a teaspoonful at a time.”
“From my experience he is not going to grow much bigger at all.
“We will not be able to take him to the shows as he will be too small
but that will make him even more sought after.”
Vet Andrew Coe, from Strathaven, added: “He does seem very small for
his age and it will be interesting to see how he progresses.”


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