Cops closing in on shame game thugs


The Mirror, 22/01/2002, p19

THE net is closing in on thugs from both sides of the Border who shamed
Scottish football by rioting at Pittodrie on Saturday.
Sickened fans have flooded a police hotline naming some of those at the
centre of violent clashes between Aberdeen and Rangers supporters.
Officers are also studying CCTV footage in a bid to track down
ringleaders, while Scots Justice Minister Jim Wallace yesterday pledged
his full support in tackling the hooligans.
Dons star Robbie Winters was among the casualties when he was hit by a
Grampian Police’s Ch Insp Brian Yule, the man heading the inquiry,
said: “A number of people have been named on our hotline and we are
still analysing all the CCTV film.”
It was also revealed yesterday that specially-trained ‘spotters’ from
Strathclyde Police infiltrated the ranks of the hooligans at the match.
They secretly took photos and the plainclothes officers’ pictures and
reports are now being examined in detail.
A Strathclyde Police spokes-man said: “Our undercover officers mingled
with fans and we are now helping Grampian Police with their inquiry.”
Both forces are also keen to identify any English soccer “casuals” who
were involved.
Some of the travelling hooligans are feared to be members of the
notorious Chelsea Headhunters gang and the neo-nazi Combat 18 group.
Ch Insp Peter Simpson, of Grampian Police, said: “If English hooligans
were here then we may link up with the National Criminal Intelligence
Service in London.”
Meanwhile, a cop whose face was scarred during the riot was back at
work yesterday – helping track down the hooligans.
PC Stewart McAdam, 25, who is now studying CCTV footage, said: “I was
in plain clothes and went to aid other uniformed officers when I was
hit on the nose with a chair.
“To be honest, I didn’t really know much about it.”
A 26-year-old man has been charged in connection with an assault on Tam
Perry, 70, who was seen on TV being punched.


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