Cook’s oil burner


The Mirror, 01/07/2003, p22

ONE of Scotland’s best known restaurants has gone up in flames.
The blaze at Jackson’s off the Royal Mile intially sparked fears of
another major disaster in Edinburgh’s historic Old Town.
Forty firefighters battled into yesterday morning to contain the fire.
The 300-year-old listed building was evacuated as the fire took hold at
7.40pm on Sunday.
It comes just six months after a blaze wreaked havoc in the Old Town,
destroying several buildings in the Cowgate. Fire chiefs said
yesterday’s blaze could have been just as serious.
Divisional officer Gavin Dunlop said the characteristics of the Old
Town meant every blaze in the area was treated very seriously.
He said: “The fire started in the kitchen. The chef had put some oil in
the frying pan. When he came back a minute later it was on fire.
“The manager evacuated all the diners so quickly that a £50 note was
left on one table.
“The fire spread up through the floorboards into all the alcoves and it
did have the potential to spread.
“It took us a long, long time to ascertain where it had gone and cut
away and isolate the flames.
“The fire has totally destroyed the kitchen. The damage is really quite
Sub Officer Norrie Ritchie said: “There are a lot of nooks and crannies
in the Old Town.
The wood is old and dry and catches fire easily travelling up into the
hidden spaces.”


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