Compulsory ID by 2013, says Blunkett


The Mirror, 08/04/2004, p20

DAVID Blunkett yesterday vowed to fast-track ID cards – but they won’t
be compulsory until 80 per cent of people have them which is not
expected to be until 2013.
The Home Secretary’s plans caused a major Cabinet split.
Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, Trade Secretary Patricia Hewitt and
several other Cabinet Ministers are opposed to a national scheme on
grounds of cost and civil liberties.
But Mr Blunkett is backed by Tony Blair, and has brushed aside their
He said: “We are going to publish a draft Bill, hopefully in the next
four weeks. It would be very surprising if there were not misgivings.
We think it will take three years to set the system up.”
Critics believe there is no point unless ID cards are compulsory – to
begin they will be voluntary. They also fear cards will be open to
fraud and will not be foolproof against terrorists and criminals.
Labour backbencher David Winnick said: “I don’t believe the case has
been proven.
“In Spain ID cards are compulsory from 14. In what way did that stop
the massacre there?”


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