Bless her


The Mirror, 07/01/200, p1

GORDON Brown’s critically ill baby daughter was christened last night
amid mounting fears for her life.
The baptism ceremony was held as 10-day-old Jennifer Jane’s condition
continued to worsen after a devastating brain haemorrhage.
Fearing the worst the Chancellor, wife Sarah, 37, and close family
gathered round her incubator. Hospital sources said the outlook was
A statement on the Browns’ behalf said: “Sadly, Jennifer’s condition
following her brain haemorrhage has deteriorated over the last 24
“Gordon and Sarah are with her and are grateful for the support and
good wishes they are receiving at a difficult time.” No further details
were released.
Tony Blair and wife Cherie, visiting India, were in close touch.
Premier’s spokesman said: “All their thoughts and prayers are with
Gordon, Sarah and baby Jennifer.”
Other friends said they were “desperately anxious” for the little girl
who was delivered seven weeks early by Caesarean, weighing only 2lb
A brain haemorrhage in such a tiny baby can prove fatal. Even if
Jennifer lives, she could be handicapped.
Doctors at Edinburgh’s Royal
Infirmary say the next 72 hours are critical.
As concern rose, Sarah’s mother Pauline – who is divorced from Sarah’s
father Iain – spent an hour at the hospital.
Jennifer was transferred to the Royal Infirmary on Friday after doctors
at the Forth Park Hospital in Kirkcaldy, where she was born, became
concerned about the results of an ultrasound scan.
Sarah left hospital only the day before.
She and her husband, who married in August 2000, have remained with their daughter ever since.


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