Big Brother: Jason v Wolf

HeadLine: Big Brother: Jason v Wolf

The Mirror, 08/06/2004, p10

BIG BROTHER stud Jason Cowan went toe-to toe in a savage bout with
Gladiator’s star Wolf, the Daily Mirror can reveal.
And the Lanarkshire boy knocked the TV muscle-man for six during the
hit live UK tournament show.
Pal Alan Strachan, a personal fitness instructor, put together a team,
with Jay, to challenge the TV stars when he owned The Body Workout
studio in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire.
And they came out on top – thanks to Jay’s massive presence in the
Alan said: “It was a great, great day out. We had a fabulous time.
“But the highlight was definitely Jay. He was able to mix it with the
best of them and he showed no fear.”
He’s also taken part in training classes run by athletics ace Linford
And friends last night revealed that he hates to see anyone being
picked on in a fight or brawl.
One mate from his native Lanarkshire said: “There was this one time
when he came back from Mauritius, we were all watching football with an
American friend, and some guys started taking the mickey.
“The yank got dragged into this ugly confrontation with four or five
blokes, so Jay just picked the biggest one, locked the guys arms and
lifted him off the floor.
“He completely humiliated the guy, and his mates all stopped the aggro.
Jay didn’t have to say a word. He just acted cool and said ‘right guys,
my round’.
“It was class.”
“Another time one of his mates was getting a doing on the footie field
and he stepped in when not even any of the guys team-mates would help
him out.
“He has no fear in that kind of situation.”
But they say he’s no troublemaker, and remains ice cool in the toughest
of dangerous or scary situations.
Alan said: “He just doesn’t lose it in a situation, even though he’s
very protective of his friends.
“He’s very loyal, and the kind of guy you want in your side. he’ll do
anything for his friends and mates.
“And one night at the Hamilton Palace nightclub, he had on a tight
fitting t-shirt showing off his muscle.
“This one bouncer told him he had to wear a jumper or he’d be thrown
“When he refused four of them took him round the back, and he wasn’t
phased by it at all.
“He completely psyched them out by grabbing the biggest one when they
swung a punch and it was game over.”


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