Big Bother

HeadLine: Big Bother

The Mirror, 27/05/2003,

PALS of Scots Big Brother favourite Cameron Stout last night told how
they begged the strapping islander not to appear on the controversial
The Mirror revealed yesterday how his new-found fame could see him
booted out of his church.
Cameron, 32, has sparked a furious row on the strictly-religious Orkney
isles where he is from.
And last night friend Andrew Drever, said: “For his sake I hope he gets
kicked out of the Big Brother house early.
“If he wins I’m not sure how people will cope.”
Andrew’s daughter Jenna, 19, added: “Nobody really thought he would be
suited to Big Brother.
“But all weekend everybody was cheering him on in the pub.
“He is quite trendy and a really genuine guy.
“He is being himself on the show and I think he will get into the last
Other friends of hunky Cameron told how they too begged him not to go
on the show.
One close pal, who was at school with Cameron, said pals were worried
he would be humiliated by appearing on the hit TV series which
attracted eight million viewers on day one.
She said: “He is not the normal type of Big Brother person.
“We are very worried about him and I even advised him against going on.
“We are just not sure he should be on that show.
“He is part of a very close community here on Orkney and we don’t know
how he will cope.
“But now he is there I hope he will do very well.”
Church friends yesterday told how he was an integral part of the quiet
island life in the close community.
Shelagh Graham, 19, said: “We have known him for years through the
youth group and the church.
“We have been watching him on the TV and it is really strange as
normally we would be watching it with him.
“Instead we are watching him and it doesn’t seem like a Big Brother TV
programme any more.
“We’d hang around together in a big group of people at each other’s
houses and play board games.
“He is more of a housebody than anything else – he is not really into
going to the pub.”
Her sister Amy, 17, added: “I was the only person who knew he was going
on Big Brother – the rest can’t keep a secret.
“He told everyone else he was going away on business – they were so
shocked when they found out.
“We do a lot of things together, like having meals at each other’s
houses, playing pranks and having bonfires on the beach when the
weather is good.”
Cameron has put his business, North Landings, where he works for a New
York-based company buying and selling fish, on hold while he is in the
Big Brother house.
But he has drafted in a temporary stand-in to help keep his
Stromness-based business running while he is away. At his remote
cottage in Harray, his love of cars is clearly evident by the yellow MG
Midget in the driveway, lovingly protected under a blue tarpaulin.
The renovated stone cottage itself offers panoramic views of the whole
area while inside antique furniture is mixed with hi-tech electronic
equipment and religious books on the shelves.
Yesterday a neighbour, Karen Williams, said: “He has lived in the
cottage for about a year.
“He inherited it from his granny and did it up himself.”
Cameron, who plays the piano, guitar and sings with a group from his
church, lived with his parents John and Doris in Stromness while he did
up his cottage.
There he helped his father look after his 13ft sailing boat in between
spending time with his beloved Collie dog and friends.
The family appeared in a local book about the area along with a
description of the historic house they lived in called Haven.
They moved into a newly-built house overlooking Stromness’s school
playing fields and harbour a couple of years ago.
Pictures of Cameron graduating from Napier University, in Edinburgh,
where he studied business, hang on the walls of the large glass
conservatory overlooking the stormy sea surrounding the Orkney Islands.
And his biggest fan is the family Collie dog.
Pal Carrie Stockan said: “The dog recognises Cameron’s voice.
“But my 12-year-old daughter Katherine is furious with him for going on
the show because she is missing him.
“They are very close and he always takes time to play with her when he
comes round twice a week.”
Cameron, who stands to pick up £70,000 prize money if he wins, spends
the long Orkney winter evenings meeting with friends and playing board
But he has got no chance of wooing the Big Brother girls because he
does not realise he is a heartthrob, according to his brother.
Julyan Sinclair, 29, a TV presenter, said the fish trader would not
dream of romping in front of the cameras.
Speaking at the weekend, he said: “Cameron’s never been interested in
sleeping around.
“Just because he is in Big Brother won’t change that. When he was at
university all the girls in his halls of residence loved him.
“If he was different Cameron could be a Don Juan but he doesn’t realise
that women fancy him.
“He tends to take on the big brother role and that’s appealing to women.
“I think he would like a relationship.
“He’s been single for a while but he’s not going to dive into something
for the sake of the cameras.
“Cameron has had plenty of girlfriends but the problem is he doesn’t
realise they are willing to go one step further.
“He thinks they just want to be friends but many want a lot more.”


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