Attack of the moans


The Mirror, 16/05/2002, p17

STAR WARS fans felt the full force of Scot actor Ewan McGregor’s rage
last night in a blistering attack on bogus autograph hunters.
He said the worst part of being known as Jedi Knight Obi Wan Kenobi is
the scores of Star Wars “leeches” – not fans – who constantly pester
him for an autograph.
McGregor spoke out before the Edinburgh premiere of Episode II: Attack
of the Clones last night, is dreading more run-ins with sci-fi fanatics
because of the new movie.
He said: “There are f***ing leeches that will prey on that because it
will make them money. They get Star Wars stuff signed for them them to
“You can spot them a mile off. They always ask you to sign the plastic
bit so that they can project through it and copy your signature.
“They always pretend it’s for their girlfriend, but don’t want you to
write her name on it.
“It’s a shame because then the real people who really want your
autograph to keep don’t get a chance.”


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