Any time any place anywhere

HeadLine: Any time any place anywhere

The Mirror, 29/05/2004, p4&5

SCOTS hunk Jason Cowan is determined to become the first to have sex
live in the Big Brother house.
Super-fit Jason, 30, calls himself the Martini Man – because he’ll get
down to it “any time, any place anywhere”.
And friends predict Big Brother’s female residents will be fighting
each other to get him into bed.
Porn presenter Abi Titmuss, ex-girlfriend of disgraced TV host John
Leslie, is rumoured to have been lined up for a guest appearance.
Best pal Alan Strachan told the Mirror: “The women in the house won’t
be able to keep their hands off him, and the guys will be jealous as
“There’s a rumour that there’s going to be some kind of celebrity
sleepover in there and that Abi Titmuss will be involved.
“The Big Brother house won’t know what’s hit it.”
Former sailor Jason is hiding a secret heartache, it was revealed last
night – he has never met his real parents.
And he was hit by tragedy as his adoptive father died when he was only
That left him to be brought up in Motherwell, Lanarkshire, by his
foster mum, brothers and sisters.
Friends say he sees Big Brother as his passport to fame. But they
reckon he secretly hopes that it will help him find his real mum and
dad. Alan, 30, from Hamilton, Lanarkshire, said: “It’s the day he
dreams of.
“I think it’s one of the things he hopes might come from Big Brother –
a chance to find his real parents.
“He keeps it all to himself, but he once told me it’s the one thing he
wants to be able to do more than anything.”
“It’s tragic really.”
Alan was in London for Big Brother’s Little Brother last night along
with Jason’s flat-mate, Paul Gillies.
And he said “Jay”, who now lives in Manchester, was determined to win
the contest to make up for lost time.
He said: “Jay is an incredible bloke, one of the nicest, coolest guys
you could ever meet. But he’s petrified of rejection. It’s just haunted
him all his life as a child, so he wants to succeed here.
“He comes across as being really confident, but deep down he has his
own insecurities because of everything that has gone on in his life. He
keeps it all to himself.
“He’s very private – it’s as if he’s got a wall built up around him,
and it’s really down to this thing about his real mum and dad and never
knowing who they were.”
“If he did get the chance to meet them, though, I’m sure that he’d be
terrified all over again – terrified of rejection.”
Jason’s adoptive family still live in Muirhouses, Motherwell, where he
grew up, but he hasn’t spoken to them in around 10 years. They have no
idea that hs is appearing on Big Brother.
As teenagers, Jay and Alan played football for Hamilton Colts FC and
both got into minor scrapes with the police.
They dreamed of becoming professional footballers and Alan had trials
at Wolverhampton Wanderers and a Greek team.
But Jay couldn’t make the grade and, aged 16, he quit his studies at
Garrion High School in Motherwell to get a job.
When he was old enough, he signed up to the Royal Navy, qualifying as a
He spent six years with the Navy, serving abroad but mainly onshore at
Plymouth and Faslane bases.
After taking a redundancy pay-off he moved abroad to the sun-kissed
isle of Mauritius.
Having run out of money six months later he returned to work in call
centres before landing a job as an air steward with MyTravel.
But he had only been in the skies for a week when he got the phone call
from Big Brother to tell him: “You’re in.”
Alan said: “While he was in Mauritius he was training every day,
swimming, running, and came back super-fit.
“That’s why he’s got such an immense physique now.
“He said he won’t sh*g a pig in there, but he said he will definitely
have sex in the house – but only if he fancies them.”
He added: “He sees this as his big shot at fame. Money doesn’t motivate
him, and he’s such a generous guy he’ll probably give most of it away
if he wins.
“But he could become the first credible celebrity fitness trainer on TV
– that would be up his street. He’s a natural for fame, he’s got such


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