3am At the MTV Europe Awards: Stars come out to party


The Mirror, 08/11/2003, p14&15

A GLITTERING host of stars made Edinburgh the hottest city on earth as
they partied the night away after the MTV Europe Awards.
Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and Beyonce were among the glitzy
A-listers who took over the city for a booze- fuelled celebration.
It was a dream come true for lucky fans, who rubbed shoulders with
their idols at some exclusive nightspots.
Star-spotters also lined the streets until dawn in the hope of catching
a glimpse of the celebrities.
But the best chance was inside one of the swanky venues chosen to host
the fabulous aftershow parties.
The Opal Lounge – a favourite haunt of Prince William – was also a
heaving mass of celebrities long into the night.
Bosses at BMG picked its luxurious surroundings for their aftershow
Bitter rivals Pink and Aguilera both joined the party at the Opal
Lounge, although they were kept far apart.
Justin also popped in as he flitted from star-studded party to party.
And Dido, Shirley Manson and Chelsea footballer Jimmy Floyd Hasselbank
also rolled up for the free Champagne.
Scores of hopeful punters tried to blag their way past the burly
bouncers, but were turned away.
Those lucky enough to have one of the 300 invitations entered to find
low lighting, smooth furniture and a river of Moet cascading along the
One insider said: “Basically such was the kudos of landing this
contract the bosses basically handed them the keys for the night and
said ‘this is your club now’.”
Malmaison, The Lighthouse and The Sheraton were all on the party
circuit. Fleets of chauffeur driven cars buzzed between them all night
One of the most exclusive parties was at the City Night Club, deep
beneath the plush Scotsman Hotel.
Fans queued till 5am looking for even a brief sighting of their
favourite singers arriving or heading back to their hotels to catch up
on their beauty sleep.
But those lucky enough to be inside were treated to a magical morning.
Radio One DJ Trevor Nelson had the crowds eating out of his hand.
Beyonce watched as her dancers showed fans how to strut their stuff on
Justin – who is due back in Scotland on tour in January – also put in
an appearance.
Missy Elliot unexpectedly stunned clubbers by performing a set live
following Justin’s example from the night before.
The crowds punched and jumped in the air with delight as she rapped
through song after song.
A short time later the Black Eyed Peas got in on the act too and the
night quickly turned into a free-for-all open mic session. Not to be
outdone, Jackass nut Chris Pontius made sure he got noticed.
The mental thrill-seeker showed Jess and Eva backstage at the awards
his “helicopter routine” – which basically involves whipping his jolly
sailor out for a whirl.
Later, at The Scotsman Hotel bash, he propelled it around the room
again – much to the horror of a conservative Kylie, Dido and REM’S
Michael Stipe.
Chris Junior is like it’s owner, something of a special case.
Let’s just say with it’s long stalk and bulbous head, Chris Senior
could enter it in a vegetable competition.
As a mushroom. What a fun gi..
Despite Chris’s rude interruption, the party went on till dawn and, as
the clear up began, all that was left behind were the memories of a
night in a million.


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