Alain out in the cold for 3mths

HeadLine: Alain out in the cold for 3mths

The Mirror, 04/06/2002, p11

SCOTS ski ace Alain Baxter was frozen out of the sport for a further
three months last night after he was hit by a three month ban over his
failed Olympics dope test.
But the punishment – which he may yet appeal – is far less than the two
year maximum ban which would almost certainly have ended his career.
The defiant Scot, from Aviemore, told close friends last night that he
will continue to fight to to clear his name.
Pal Peter Steinle said: “This is a ridiculous decision. I’ve spoken to
Alain and I think he was half expecting it, but I think he will take it
very badly.
“It has been awful for him to be treated like this.
“Everyone will be outraged by this news, but it won’t affect our
admiration for Alain. He’s still our champion and we’re still behind
him 110 per cent.”
Baxter, 28, who was stripped of his bronze medal after failing a drugs
test at the Olympics earlier this year, was told the news in a phone
call yesterday after a meeting of the International Ski Federation’s
annual congress in Slovenia.
He tested positive for the banned substance methamphetamine after
winning Britain’s first ever Olympic skiing medal in February at Salt
Lake City, Utah, USA.
But he has always maintained the substance was contained in an American
variation of Vicks nasal spray which he used in a bid to cure a common
He is also appealing to the Court of Arbitration for Sport after the
International Olympic Committee asked him to hand back his medal. A
hearing is expected to be held in August.


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