156MPH maniac

HeadLine: 156MPH MANIAC

The Mirror, 16/05/2003, p23

A MOTOR dealer was jailed for five months yesterday for doing 156mph –
the highest speed ever recorded in a car on Britain’s roads.
Jason McAllister, 27, said he was racing to see his girlfriend after a
He told police who stopped his 3.2 litre BMW M3: “This is all I need.
I’ve just fallen out with my girlfriend.”
McAllister should not even have been driving because he had been banned
for another speeding offence.
Sheriff Kevin Veal, sentencing him, said: “This level of speed is
absolutely outrageous and puts at risk every other person and user of
the road.”
He was ordered to resit his test. McAllister was on his way from his
Aberdeen home to York when he accelerated to 156mph in the £45,000 car.
Police initially clocked him doing 120mph approaching a 40mph limit at
roadworks on the A90 at Forfar in the dark.
And over a half- mile stretch he accelerated to 156.7mph.
Officers pulled him over after he had covered 70 miles. McAllister, who
admitted driving dangerously and without insurance, said: “I didn’t
realise how fast I was going because I was so emotional. The car can do
Defence solicitor Lynne Bentley told Forfar sheriff court that
McAllister had a chauffeur but had “stupidly” decided to drive himself
on March 6. He had also pulled over when signalled to by police.
McAllister, who got a four-year driving ban, beats George MacLean, from
Inverness, as Britain’s worst car speeder. MacLean’s Porsche was
clocked at 155mph in 1990.
Motorcyclist Daniel Nicks was caught after filming himself at 175 mph
on his 900cc Honda Fireblade in Bucks.
Nick Hull, of Tayside police, said: “The driving behaviour of
McAllister was reckless beyond belief.”
Neil Greig, of the AA, said: “That kind of speed is verging on the
suicidal. He should have been banned for life.” He said that the BMW’s
braking distance would have been 1,000ft.


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