The Mirror, 20/02/2001, p15

POLITICAL buffoon George Galloway last night branded Scots top guns
“cowards” during a tour of Baghdad.
The MP for Glasgow Kelvin disgraced himself by claiming that our boys
in the RAF acted like “terrorists” when ordered to attack key military
He even had the gall to brand the offensive “immoral” while he toured
hospitals so he could be be photographed with civilians Iraq claim were
Back in the UK the tone from the Labour administration was clear –
Galloway is out on a limb.
They told how attacks on RAF pilots – as revealed by the Scottish
Mirror yesterday – numbered 22 for the month of January alone in the UN
approved no-fly zone.
On each occasion, RAF pilots were forced into taking evasive action
simply to stay alive as Saddam Hussein’s war machine sparked back into
Galloway – who hit headlines by being arrested at Faslane last week for
his apparent anti- nuclear convictions – went running to see the
But, instead of quizzing Saddam’s regime about reports he has at least
two nuclear weapons of his own, he played to the Iraqi propaganda
Pandering to the Iraqi cameras at Yarmouk Hospital, he said: “It’s an
immoral, cowardly and terrorist act.”
“Turn your cameras to this boy and tell me if it is a military target,”
he told reporters while standing near a 10-year-old child allegedly
wounded in the attack.
He added: “It is immoral to starve children and cut children with hot
steel from airplanes because of a political dispute.
“I honestly wonder sometimes that the British and Americans are working
for Saddam Hussein.
“The policy they are pursuing is boosting his standing rather than
reducing it.”
Last night one senior military source, who cannot be named, slammed the
The source said: “Galloway doesn’t know what he’s bloody well talking
“When’s the last time he ever came up against anti-aircraft fire or
hostile enemy planes?
“It’s very easy for him to go round hospitals visiting what are likely
to be staged victims just so he can get his face on TV.
“But is he going to visit the family of any of our guys who get shot
down to tell them that their husband has been killed and child no
longer has a father?
“He’s an idiot and would be far better concentrating on being an MP
than becoming a spin-doctor for Saddam Hussein.”
The Scottish Labour Party tried to distance itself from Galloway,
saying: “No one here wants to get involved in this.”


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