The Mirror, 21/08/2001, p8

PRINCE William was the target of a sick Anthrax scare by Scots
terrorists yesterday.
A letter was delivered to St Andrews University, where the prince will
study history of art, claiming it was packed with the deadly bacteria.
Staff immediately alerted police who called in both fire-brigade
experts and secret police.
It is believed firefighters in chemical suits spent over two hours
inside the press office and were washed down with high- pressure hoses
when they came out.
Last night tests on the sinister package were still being carried out
to trace what was actually contained in the letter and also where it
had originated from.
A senior source told the Scottish Mirror: “A member of staff opened the
package and there was another one wrapped inside with the message:
“They contacted police immediately.”
Fife Police confirmed they had been alerted to the package but said
tests were still being carried out by experts.
A spokesman said: “The package has now been taken away for laboratory
tests. It was not a bomb.”
Just days ago the Scottish National Liberation Army vowed to kill the
prince when he arrives in Scotland.
They have been behind a number of threats against both the royal and
the university since he announced he would study there.
The 19-year-old prince is due to arrive next month to begin his studies
following a gap year.
Yesterday a huge security operation involving CCTV cameras and MI5 was
well under way in the east coast golfing town.
The member of admin staff who received the letter was being offered
counselling by the university.
The university itself refused to discuss the incident, despite the
implications for hundreds of students due to attend.
A spokesman said: “We never discuss security issues. We will not be
commenting about this.”
A St James’s Palace spokesman also refused to comment on the sick
threat, adding: “We never discuss security matters.”
No-one has claimed responsibilty for yesterday’s scare but last night
the SNLA were thought to be the culprits.
And the anthrax scare was last night linked to an email terror campaign
being investigated by Scotland Yard in London.
The email claimed it would also target a national newspaper and a major
London hotel, although neither has yet reported receiving a package.
But one package arrived at Department for Environment, Food and Rural
Affairs (Defra) in central London today.
Like the package received at St Andrews, it was understood to contain a
warning saying that it contained the potentially deadly infection.
A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “This morning’s incident at Defra
appears to be linked to a threatening email which has been passed to
“The email indicated that four premises across the UK had been sent
packages containing a substance.
“A second was sent to St Andrews University but none were received by
the two other intended recipients.”
The spokesman refused to disclose the identities of the other two
But she added: “It said the substance would purport to be anthrax but
would in fact be harmless.”


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