TV vet in real-life practice with new co-star

HeadLine: TV vet in real-life practice with new co-star

Daily Record, 29/01/2000, p19

TELEVISION vet Trude Mostue is to set up her own real-life practice
with co-star Maria Lowe.
Stunning Trude, 31, will set up the business – called Viking Vets –
with fellow Norwegian vet Maria in the summer.
Trude shot to fame three years ago when BBC documentary Vets School
featured her struggle to qualify as a vet.
She won the nation’s heart and now stars in spin-offs, Vets in the Wild
and Vets to the Rescue.
The fully-fledged professional used to divide her time between filming,
a safari park and a practice in Warminster, Wiltshire.
But now she wants to run her own show in Bristol with best friend Maria.
And, announcing her love for hunky Danish model Brian Poulsen after a
string of failed romances, Trude’s turbulent life seems complete.
Maria, 34, met Trude at Bristol University’s vet school.
But she missed an early shot at fame by qualifying two years before the
BBC began their Vets School series.
Now supermum Maria, who is expecting a second child with farm manager
husband Andrew, is juggling filming, working, childcare and hunting for
new premises.
Yesterday, she said: “I really think this is a terrific opportunity –
maybe I need a brain scan or something.”
Viewers of Vet’s In Practice – voted the UK’s most popular documentary
at the 1999 TV Awards – will share in Trude and Maria’s search for
A BBC spokeswoman said: “This series shows Trude and Maria tackle some
of the most challenging operations of their lives.”
The new series starts on February 2.


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