Suicide killer’s secret hoard of rifles

HeadLine: Suicide killer’s secret hoard of rifles

The Mirror, 22/05/2001, p1

A CRAZED Scots teacher who blasted a pretty student to death before
shooting himself in the mouth had a secret stash of guns hidden in his
Twisted Grant Dunn stockpiled the weapons, which included four powerful
rifles and a handgun.
He took two pistols – the murder weapon and a back-up – when he went to
slay teenager Emanuela Ferro.
Italian cops revealed Dunn collected Nazi memorabilia and uniforms and
was obsessed with military history and propaganda.
Shocked former students at the school near Turin where Dunn taught told
how he brought in Nazi armbands and daggers to class, and tried to
organise a trip to Adolf Hitler’s war bunker.
Detectives also found controversial terrorist and Nazi videos in his
Married Dunn, 38, from Oban, blasted five shots into Emanuela, 19,
before killing himself in the school car park on Saturday after the
pretty teenager rejected his advances.
Fellow teachers told how Dunn asked them to bring him back military
souvenirs from their holiday in Bosnia.
“His passion for arms and uniforms was very well known,” said one.
And insiders told local reporters: “He would bring a bag into class and
pull swastikas and daggers from it.”
The 1930s-design Browning semi-automatic which Dunn used for the
killing was a favourite of Nazi officers.


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