The Mirror, 03/11/2000, p27

THE mother of a boy, missing since he was snatched from a car nearly 11
years ago is planning to sue police.
Shanika Edwards, 33, claims detectives were negligent in handling the
Her son Ames Glover was just five-and-a-half months when he disappeared
on February 5, 1990.
He vanished just two minutes after her ex-husband Paul left his blue
Ford Sierra to use a cash machine in Southall, West London.
A helicopter search of the area and a nationwide hunt for Ames made
front page news in The Mirror, but no trace was found of the baby.
Now Mrs Edwards is seeking damages and hopes to employ the same legal
team which has been representing the family of murdered black teenager
Stephen Lawrence.
She said: “Every day I wake wondering what happened to my little boy,
where he is and what he is doing.
“I don’t think the police did their job properly. They spent too much
time interviewing the wrong people.
“They should have been out there looking for my son, instead of asking
us questions.
“I have been through 11 years of anguish. Now I need answers.” Mrs
Edwards, who now lives in Bedfordshire and has two sons aged six and
seven by her second marriage, has been warned that her plans to sue
police may be time-barred.
Such actions must usually begin within six years, but she is committed
to carrying on.
She said: “I won’t let it stop me. I want an inquiry at least.
“I want to know what happened to my boy. It would mean so much if I
could just see what he is like. Hopefully it will prompt someone
somewhere to start asking questions.”
Ames, who was removed from a social services “at risk” register just 10
hours before he went missing, had previously vanished in mysterious
circumstances. That time he was found with relatives. The BBC is
considering filming a documentary of the case.
A Met Police spokesman said: “Southall CID exhausted inquiries into the
Glover case.
“It is no longer being actively investigated but the file is not closed.
“It is reviewed yearly and any new evidence will be investigated.”


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