The Mirror, 10/11/2001, p11

SCOTS MP Brian Wilson was caught up in a dramatic road rage gun attack.
He was a back seat passenger in a car when his driver had a pistol
thrust into his face.
Yesterday Nicholas Griffith, 19, from London, was jailed for nine
months at the Old Bailey for the crazed attack on April 3.
The court heard how Griffith snapped and shoved a gun into private
secretary Nicholas Allan’s face and demanded a fight after his car was
blocked in by the vehicle the MP was travelling in.
The Foreign Office minister was in the back of the car during the
incident in London.
He said: “We dropped off my secretary and the guy behind started
pumping his horn.
“When my secretary got out of the car one of the guys jumped out.
“It’s not very heroic, but we are told to lock the door in that sort of
situation and keep out of trouble.”
Mr Allan later told police how the gun-toting thug’s face was
“contorted in anger and his nose was touching my face”.
He then screamed at the shaking secretary: “Do you want a piece of me,
do you want a fight, do you want a go?”
Griffith was driven off by his friend but was arrested the next day as
police caught him smoking cannabis in his car.
The weapon, which turned out to be pellet gun, was stashed in the car’s
side door pocket.
Griffith admitted possessing an imitation firearm with intent and one
of possession of a class B drug.
Judge Paul Focke QC said: “It was an immature act of bravado.
“The gun was incapable of causing injury but your victim did not know
“That was frightening conduct on your part.”


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