Daily Record, 12/12/2000, p6

A SCHOOLGIRL has been scarred for life after her computer joystick left
a hole in her hand.
The nine-year-old spent so long playing Mario Party on her Nintendo 64
that her flesh was rubbed away.
Medics say the Australian incident is just the latest case of so-called
Nintendonitis – a repetitive strain injury first diagnosed by Aberdeen
doctors last month.
Experts now warn kids must take a break from playing to avoid long-term
damage – including bladder and bowel incontinence, epilepsy or RSI.
They say the problems should be highlighted by games firms.
London researcher Jane Greening, from University College, yesterday
warned: “Kids using computer games, particularly Nintendos, are a bad
“They are more at risk, but if anyone makes repetitive movements for
hours all sorts of things can happen.”
Doctors at the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital were baffled when an
11-year-old was admitted in November with chronic arm pain – until he
admitted playing his Nintendo non-stop.
Dr Diana Macgregor said: “We’re warning children to have fun but to use
games wisely. Parents must be made aware of the long term effects.”
She suggests children do forearm and hand stretches during computer use
– a technique adopted in America were strain problems are epidemic.
Nintendos do carry warnings of epilepsy, RSI and motion sickness.
However, Australian doctor Guan Koh warned yesterday the parents of the
little girl with the damaged hand hadn’t bothered to read them.


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