Nardini in fight after Africa hell

HeadLine: Nardini in fight after Africa hell

The Mirror, 19/03/2001, p7

SCOTS actress Daniela Nardini burst into tears after being told of the
horrors of war on a charity mission to Africa.
Daniela, who played a feisty lawyer in the hit TV drama This Life,
admitted that tales from women who’d been raped, shot and beaten left
her sobbing and determined to help them.
Now, as ambassador for charity Oxfam, she hopes to persuade Government
ministers to stop British firms supplying guns to Third World
Daniela, 33, met women whose limbs had been hacked off and who had seen
their children killed in Kenya.
She said: “Nothing can prepare you for that kind of thing.
“Children were starving because their parents were dead. A lot of times
I burst into tears.”
Most of the weapons she was shown out there were made in Britain.
She said: “We want new legislation on arms control – we feel the
Government is is dragging its feet.”


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