The Mirror, 02/01/2001, p21

MADONNA’S film director husband Guy Ritchie is hoping to make a movie
about his war hero Scots grandfather.
Major Stewart “Jack” Ritchie won the Military Cross for bravery during
World War I.
He later died during the heroic rearguard action by the 51st Highland
Division which allowed the British evacuation of Dunkirk to take place
during World War II.
Ritchie was so proud of his grandfather that he chose to wed in
Scotland and wore his regimental sporran as a tribute to the fallen
Now, through his production company Ska, he hopes to make a film about
his grandad’s life.
A source close to Ritchie said: “Guy’s mentioned it a couple of times
before, but since the wedding he is talking about it seriously.
“He has a lot on for a while, but I know he is keen to get something in
the can.”
Some filming would have to be done in France, but Ritchie is certain to
base production in Britain.
And he is likely to film in areas such as Inverness and Aberdeenshire,
while tracing the Seaforth’s proud regimental history to its roots.
It is not known which actor Ritchie would want to cast to play his
grandfather, but it is likely to be a Scot.
The director of Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels wore his family’s
Hunting Macintosh tartan kilt with his grandfather’s regimental sporran
when he married pop star wife Madonna, 42, on December 22, at Skibo
Castle, near Dornoch, Sutherland.
The couple’s baby Rocco was christened in Dornoch Cathedral the
previous evening.
His grandfather won the Military Cross for bravery for leading a
successful attack on the Hindenburg Line, in 1918, despite being
He left the army soon after but joined the Seaforth Highlanders at the
start of World War II.
As part of the 51st Highland Division, his regiment was ordered to dig
in at St Valery-en Caux in Normandy to help the retreat at Dunkirk.
Outnumbered and outgunned, more than 1,000 Highlanders died.
Major Ritchie fell in a hail of bullets on June 12, 1940, the day
before his commanding officer surrendered.
The hero was buried by the Germans and his body moved to a British Army
unmarked grave in 1945.
Major Ritchie’s name was later carved on to the official Dunkirk


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