The Mirror, 12/06/2001, p22

A HAVE-A-GO Scot has been stabbed to death in Belgium after chasing
thugs who stole his £40 mobile phone.
Scott Thomson, from Aberdeen, raced after the two teenage thieves when
they snatched his phone in Brussels.
But the pair turned on him, cold-bloodedly knifing the 31-year-old in
the street.
Doctors spent several days battling to save Scott but, after a series
of emergency operations, he lost his fight for life on Sunday.
Details of the barbaric murder only emerged yesterday as his
grief-stricken mum Joyce, a florist from Aberdeen, made arrangements to
fly her son’s body home.
Mr Thomson, an IT worker who lived in the Belgian capital, was walking
home with a friend, Mike Judge, after a night out last Tuesday when the
two men robbed him.
Mr Judge, 23, from Skipton, Yorkshire, said: “I heard Scott shout
`they’ve stolen my mobile.’ He pointed up the street and I saw these
two teenagers running off. Scott didn’t think twice about the danger
and chased after them.”
The two Brits caught up with the thieves and an argument began.
Mr Judge added: “Suddenly one of them had a knife in his hand and just
plunged it into Scott’s chest.”
A Foreign Office spokesman said: “His mother was with him when he died.
It’s a terrible incident.”
Belgian police said: “It’s an uncommon crime but quite shocking.”


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