The Mirror, 05/01/2001, p15

A PREGNANT woman lost her baby after she was attacked and robbed.
The 24-year-old mum-to-be was set upon outside a Glasgow city centre
post office.
And last night sickened detectives vowed to catch the thugs as their
devastated victim struggled to come to terms with her loss.
“This poor girl has been left destroyed,” said a police officer.
“She doesn’t want to speak to anyone and wants to hide away.
“All we can do now is try to find the scum who did this and bring them
to book.”
The woman took a taxi to the Stockwell Street Post Office to deposit
takings from the shop where she worked.
But the cowardly thief had been lying in wait and pounced as she
stepped from the black cab.
The woman, who was 12 weeks pregnant, put up a brave struggle.
But the man managed to grab her bag, which contained a sum, then fled
in a waiting car driven by an accomplice.
His terrified victim was taken to Rottenrow Maternity Hospital where
she was later told her baby had died.
The get-away car used in the lunchtime attack, a stolen silver Ford
Mondeo, was found abandoned soon after.
Det Sgt Eddie Tweedie appealed for witnesses, adding: “This was a
horrific ordeal for this young woman.”


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