The People, 23/04/2000, p11

TWO of telly’s Castaways have fallen madly in love on their remote
Scottish island.
They were even caught sharing a passionate cuddle in bed.
Trapeze artist Philiy Page’s steamy frolic with Irish charmer Padraig
Nallen is the first sign of romance flourishing in the fly-on-the-wall
Love blossomed although SHE is a strict vegetarian and HE is a
committed meat muncher.
Now besotted Padraig has even sent home pictures of his new love to his
The couple’s secret affair was exposed when fellow Castaway Ray Bower
walked in on them.
Builder Ray – who has quit the pounds 2.4 million show amid rows –
said: “I found them in bed wrapped in each other’s arms in the middle
of the day.
“We’d noticed something was going on when we were all living in an old
schoolhouse. Their two single beds were getting closer together.
“Now they are pretty blatant about it and go about holding hands. They
seem made for each other.”
Padraig, 28, wooed Philiy, 25 – his first girlfriend for ages – as they
braved the harsh conditions on Taransay in the Hebrides. Viewers will
tonight see how they and their 34 fellow volunteers are coping in the
latest episode of the BBC’s Castaway 2000.
Philiy, who has dreadlocks and a pierced belly button, nursed Padraig
when he broke an ankle.
He was fascinated by the petite hippy who took trapeze training at a
circus school while studying for an arts and science degree in
She fell under Padraig’s spell as he sang her Irish folk songs and
played haunting tunes on his penny whistle.
Philiy even forgave him for being a self-confessed “ravenous carnivore.”
Padraig, a graduate in English and German, joined the year-long TV
experiment after tiring of city life.
A former college pal in Dublin said: “He is a genuine guy and
surprisingly he hasn’t had a serious girlfriend for a long time. This
is his first real love.
“He is an adventurous person but also quite shy and sensitive. All his
friends are chuffed for him and look forward to meeting his girl.”
Computer salesman Padraig is so smitten by his new-age girlfriend he’s
sent photos of her to mum Maura in Ireland.
Mrs Nallen said: “I’m delighted he has found love. He’s very
independent and clever but that’s not to say he’s cold. Philiy she will
be welcome here.”
Mrs Nallen will be watching the show tonight in the hope of learning
more about Philiy.
She said: “We don’t know much more than anyone else but if Padraig is
happy we’re happy too.”
Friends of Philiy told how she travelled regularly from her student
flat in Manchester for trapeze classes in nearby Rochdale.
One former flatmate said: “She was so into the trapeze that it was to
the exclusion of everything else, including men. She never had a
regular boyfriend as far as I’m aware.”
Justine Marsh, spokeswoman at the Skylight Circus Arts group where
Philiy had lessons, said: “She was hard-working and getting quite good.
She came for a few months before leaving to do the TV programme. She
was a really nice girl and we hope she comes for more lessons after
getting off the island.”
Philiy, who also studied photography, has travelled extensively in
Europe and is used to “roughing it.”
Locals who visited Taransay from Tarbert on the mainland said they have
noticed that Padraig and Philiy “look very comfortable together”.
But the BBC refused to say if viewers will see any sign of the romance
tonight. A spokesman said: “There may well be a love interest, but
people will just have to keep tuning in to find out.
“They were making friends and doing things all along. It is good TV.”
A doctor, physiotherapist and former solicitor are among those
“marooned” on the isle.
Ray Bower called the experiment a shambles and fled home to Manchester
amid claims of boozing and tantrums.


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