The Mirror, 18/04/2001, p8

THE most feared lawman in the universe is taking his holidays in
Judge Dredd is braving the foot and mouth crisis to follow Sean
Connery’s advice and go roaming in the gloamin’.
Tourism Minister Alistair Morrison may have fled to Italy to escape the
But Dredd has been secretly holidaying in the Highlands for the last
three weeks.
His Scottish creators, Orkney-based artist Cam Kennedy, 54, and John
Wagner from Greenock, 45, have pitched their most famous son into
Scotland’s tourism battle.
Glasgow-born Cam was the man headhunted by the legendary George Lucas.
The Star Wars supremo personally asked him to draw Dark Empire, the
comic that details the heroes’ adventures after the end of the movies.
He said: “It’s time we started blowing our own trumpet.
“There is a lot of talent in Scotland.”
The month-long storyline, Bodies of Evidence, has already sold out in
most Scottish bookstands.
The tale has tongue in cheek references to Scottish film hits like
Braveheart and Rob Roy and delves into history with a comic strip look
at the Highland Clearances.
A spokesman for 2000AD, which features Judge Dredd, said: “John and Cam
have been doing their own thing for decades now.
“I think it’s only right that they may want to take Dredd home from
time to time.”
And this is not Dredd’s first trip to Scotland.
He was featured celebrating Hogmanay here in 1992 in a series called
Auld Acquaintance.
Cam and John, who first dreamed up Dredd more than 20 years ago, are
not the only Scots behind comic strip heroes.
Batman genius Alan Grant, who has written the caped crusader’s lines
for 10 years, is originally from a mining village near Edinburgh.
He earns a six-figure sum each year and lives in a Dumfries-shire
Grant Morrison, 39, lives in Glasgow and has been a comic writer for 18
He single-handedly turned around the comic book institution Justice
League Of America, which features the exploits of Superman, Batman,
Flash and even Wonderwoman.
The Govan-born millionaire claims to rake in around £200,000 a year.
His partner in comic crime is Coatbridge writer Mark Millar, 29, who
wanted to show that you can live in Scotland and still work for big US
He said: “There is a great tradition of storytelling in Scotland and we
are brought up with Oor Wullie. There is no equivalent in England or
anywhere else.”
Again he is at the top end of the writing league, earning around £100,000 a year.
Another Scottish artist who is sitting comfortably is Frank Quietly,
who draws the world’s superheroes from a couch in Glasgow.
Frank – whose real name is Vincent Deighan – earns around £200,000 a
And with a host of budding young artist and writers waiting in the
wings, rogue mutant crooks had better get out of Scotland fast.


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