Daily Record, 24/02/2000, p19

A SCOTS mother has won the right for her daughter to wear trousers to
And the outcome of the legal battle means schoolboys there can now wear
skirts – if they want to.
University professor Claire Hale took daughter Jo’s school – Whickham
comprehensive in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear – to court after staff banned
her from wearing trousers in class.
Yesterday, she won an out of court settlement in a landmark case backed
by the Equal Opportunities Commission – who said they would help anyone
tacklesimilar dress issues in future.
Last night, Professor Hale, originally from Irvine, Ayrshire, said:
“We’re delighted.
“It means that on any day a child can decide what they want to wear to
school without discrimination.
“We don’t know what the future holds, who knows if a boy will want to
wear skirts – and why not?
“You have David Beckham wearing a sarong and all those posh boarding
schools in Scotland where they wear kilts.”
Thrilled Jo, 14, added: “I am delighted. Now I will be glad to put this
behind me.
“After all, if you’re in class and doing your work then what does it
matter if you’re wearing trousers?”
Last night, the school insisted that they only backed down over costs.
Peter Maughan, chairman of the school governors, said: “We were
prepared to foot a bill of between £1000 and £3000 if we lost.
“But the EOC decided to hire the most expensive lawyers in the land and
forced the costs up.
“If we had lost we were looking at a bill of up to pounds 50,000. We
have 1700 children to educate and we couldn’t take that risk. We have
been forced into this by chequebook litigation.”
An EOC spokeswoman said: “We are really pleased by the result and would
be happy to assist any other parties to negotiate uniform dress codes.”
Under the Sex Discrimination Act different dress codes for males and
females are allowed – but it is illegal if the dress code of one sex
disadvantages the other.
Ann Hill, of the Scottish School Boards Association, said: “If boys
wanted to wear skirts at school they would just look stupid. You have
to get a balance between what is practical and what is common sense.”


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13 replies

  1. For males, it depends what kind of skirt, roman and to a lesser degree kilts are masculine, but other than that skirts are cut to emphasize a feminine shape which doesn’t work on a masculine frame. It is a right for males to wear skirts and androgeny is one thing, but it is delusional to expect society to ever conform to extremely polarised gender signals on a person at one time.

  2. I dress in a short pleated skirt every day of the week. It is the best descision I ever made…and is so lovely….I go to work
    and into town to the bank and everywhere…even on the ferry across to the Continent where I have visited many countries my skirts.
    Why should we allow girls to dress as they wish…and not join them ??? 13.08.08

  3. in the roman times men and ladies wore skirts all the time
    in some of the uropean countries such as barsoina and italy etc
    their nationnal dress is a skirt same with samioa and india as well
    the skirt is more woren there than pants

  4. Boys should be able to wear skirts all they want, i have seen many boys in skirts and i am all for it… Heather 25 F Indiana

  5. anybody should be allowed to wear whatever they want.
    If girls can wear trousers, then boys can wear skirts.
    If they are comfotable doing so then it is only society which has the problem, not the individual.
    Society needs to catch up on freedom of choice in clothing.

  6. id wanna wear that but i would be humiliated!!!…if only everybody on earth was gone for a while so i could wear it!

  7. yeah..i mean why cant we look how we want when girls wear whatever

  8. I strongly agree. I am furious because i can’t wear a skirt or makeup and girls can wear virtually anything. But, i am scared to wear these in public because of what everyone might think and i might lose my friends.

  9. I wish we had that social freedom to express ourselves. As a boy there are so many things that I couldn’t do becuase “it’s not normal”. I wish I could dressed up and played with the total freedom my sister had taken for granted as she grew. As I’ve grown older I sometimes wish I had been born a girl, just to have experienced such freedom to be myself in whatever way I decided. Although don’t get me wrong, I’m very much a male and ‘into girls’ in a healthy way while at the same time still being into rugby, beer, and motor-sports. I don’t think general opinion will change by the time I’m a father to my own children. If I have a son who wants to express himself by dressing-up then I wouldn’t be worried about his sexuality, I’d be worried about what the neighbours and his peers at school would think. Which is totally unacceptable when you think about it. If we were talking about girls ‘rights’ then nobody would be against their expression, whatever form it takes; be it playing princess or cowboys ‘n’ indians. As a boy I wonder what I missed growing up.

  10. i agree that any boy should be able to wear skirts, because it’s their opinion, NOT YOURS! anyone trying to make fun of them, is one weak person..

  11. Boys should be encouraged to wear skirts and other clothes that make them feel better about themselves……the prevailing macho image that we force boys to adopt is harmful to society – and why shouldn’t guys look pretty?
    Personally I try to look good all the time and this includes wearing skirts and makeup.

  12. Boys have the right to wear skirts and dresses

  13. i agree! Boy’s should be able to wear skirts in ‘school’

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