Honest men get dressing down

HeadLine: Honest men get dressing down

Daily Record, 10/02/2000, p30

TWO of the Honest Men of Scottish football face legal action after
failing to return fancy dress costumes they hired at Christmas.
Ayr United captain Dave Rogers and goalkeeper Jens Martin Knudsen have
been warned a civil action will be taken out against them unless they
hand back the 70s outfits.
Joy Blane, who runs the Fun and Disguises shop in Crown Street, Ayr,
said she was sick of trying to get them back.
Now her solicitor has written to the players via Ayr United, whose
nickname is the Honest Men, demanding action or compensation of £300.
The costumes from the 1970s were used at the town’s Gaiety theatre when
Joy’s family ran the wardrobe department.
Joy said: “There’s no way that the stock can be properly replaced.
Seventies parties are very popular, so these flares, checked suits and
leopard skin shirts are ideal.”
She added that other players at the First Division club had also hired
outfits for a trip to Edinburgh by the team but they had all be
Rogers said: “We put them in black bin liners and some of the YTS guys
must have thought they were rubbish.
“If Mrs Blane sends me a bill, we will pay.”
Her solicitor, Forbes Watson, said: “I should stress this case does not
involve nor does it reflect in any way on Ayr United Football Club who
have been extremely helpful and co-operative.”


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