He tormented her with poetry but my girl was too nice to him

HeadLine: He tormented her with poetry but my girl was too nice to him

The Mirror, 22/05/2001, p8

THE heartbroken dad of Italian student Emanuela Ferro blasted to death
by her obsessed Scots teacher last night sobbed: “It wasn’t love.
“That bastard just fancied her, that’s all. Only a madman could have
done such a thing.”
Grief-stricken Mauro spoke as his family today prepare to bury their
daughter after she was gunned down by twisted Grant Dunn.
And he revealed the sick Scot bombarded her with poems for months in a
crazed attempt to win her affections.
Choked with tears, Mauro said: “He tormented her with poetry.
“Either poems written by himself or copied from others, in order to
compliment Emanuela.
“If that man had really loved my daughter he would never have done this.
“Nana was a good girl, nice to everyone and always smiling. Maybe she
was too nice.
“She didn’t have it in her to be rude and bad, especially with a man
that was helping her learn English.
“That was the only subject she wasn’t very good at. And that is why she
Crazed Dunn refused to accept the pretty, caring 19-year-old Italian
simply didn’t want him.
His wife Cristina, 33, knew nothing of his obsession with the bob
haired beauty.
Police are still analysing the last letter Dunn wrote to Emanuela’s mum
Wanda, which he handed to the girl’s friend in the car park moments
before he opened fire.
They are keeping the exact contents a secret but it is know that he
wrote that he felt let down and that they would be united in heaven.
The authorities must now decide if they should release Dunn’s body to
his parents Iain, 65, and Mairia, sheltering from the world in his
hometown of Oban last night.


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