Forgery doc’s research ban

HeadLine: Forgery doc’s research ban

Daily Record, 11/02/2000, p10

A DOCTOR was yesterday banned from carrying out research after he was
caught forging letters to land a lucrative drugs trial contract.
Henry Elliott admitted tampering with letters to give the impression he
had been given approval from West Glasgow Hospitals University NHS
Trusts for the trials to start.
The profession’s ruling body, the General Medical Council, banned
Elliott from carrying out any unsupervised research for a year.
The trust had already imposed a 12-month ban on him doing any research
after his deception was uncovered by staff two years ago.
Dr Elliott, known internationally for his work, submitted two forged
letters to drugs company Sanofi Winthrop on October 9, 1997, and
January 8, 1998.
The firm had wanted him to carry out trials for heart disease drugs
with tests on volunteers. But first, he had to get approval from
In correspondence that consisted of the top half of one letter and the
bottom half of another, Elliott, of Devonshire Terrace, Kelvinside,
said permission had been given.
The following year, he sent a further letter supposedly signed by the
secretary of the trust’s ethics committee.
Elliott’s barrister, John Grace QC, admitted his client was guilty of
serious misconduct.


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