The Mirror, 23/06/2001, p11

A JILTED wife got her own back on her cheating husband by sending his
new ‘cyber’ lover proof he was an online serial cheat.
Cowardly Colin Henry, 48, crept out of his home in the middle of the
night and jetted off Down Under to start a new life with an Australian
woman he met on the Internet.
His shattered wife Rosie only found out when she woke up to find a note
telling her “goodbye”.
When she checked his computer, she found he had been cheating on her
with other cyber lovers for years.
But she got her revenge by bundling up the explicit emails and
forwarding them to his new flame in Australia while her unsuspecting
husband was flying out.
One friend said: “There were hundreds of emails talking about sex.
Rosie just hit the roof.
“She mailed them to his girlfriend in Australia while he was still on
his way. It will have been a nice for him – his new woman knowing he is
a rat by the time he got there.”
At their semi-detached home in Midlothian yesterday Rosie, who lives
with her teenage son and daughter, admitted her husband had left her.
She said: “He’s moved to Australia I’m still very shocked. We’re trying
to piece our lives back together.”
Rosie only discovered the extent of her husband’s cyber cheating by
raiding his computer files.
A neighbour of the couple, who did not want to be named, said: “We
heard he had left her for another woman in Australia.
“It’s such a pity. They always seemed to be a perfectly happy couple.
“It’s strange how you could fall in love with someone over the
internet, without knowing what they look like.”
Another neighbour added: “We are all shocked. Rosie is a lovely woman.
“It’s a terrible shame that he has left her in the lurch like this.”


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