DIY test for heart attack at chemist

HeadLine: DIY test for heart attack at chemist

Daily Record, 15/11/2000, p9

A SIMPLE test which warns of an impending heart attack could soon be
bought over the counter at the local pharmacy.
Researchers in the United States and Canada say people worried about
heart trouble can check before visiting a doctor – similar to the way
diabetics check blood sugar levels.
Backers expect 100million kits to be sold every year when it becomes
The new tests work by dropping special fluid on to the skin and
checking the levels of cholesterol against a colour chart.
Trials showed that patients with the most skin cholesterol also had
more diseased arteries.
Dr Brent Norton, president of makers International Medical Innovations
said: “Our test may help identify people at risk for heart disease who
need invasive tests such as angiograms.
“It’s an approach that’s better for everyone – patients, doctors and
the healthcare system.”
More than 1.2million people in Britain suffer from heart disease,
costing the NHS £1.4billion to treat.
Doctors currently take blood from a patient and send it off to a lab,
waiting days or even weeks for results.
Dr Brent added: “Testing cholesterol on the skin saves the patient the
discomfort of a blood test and fasting.
“It may also save the healthcare system money because we’ll be able to
target expensive tests at people who really need them.”
But last night the British Heart Foundation said they did not endorse
the idea of home-testing kits.
A spokesman said: “A doctor should be the first port of call for anyone
who is worried about cholesterol.”


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