The Mirror, 28/05/2001, p17

A MISSING daredevil diver was presumed dead last night after getting
trapped inside an old wreck.
Computer expert Brian Gordon, from Mauchline, Ayrshire, was lost in the
Firth of Clyde near Dunoon.
Brian, 30, had been exploring the 100-year-old wreck Wallachia on
Saturday with three friends from Strathclyde University’s diving club
when he got into difficulties.
Last night, one friend of the strapping six-footer, who worked as an IT
consultant with Standard Life in Edinburgh, said: “Everyone fears the
worst. It looks like his love of the sport has got him.”
His dad Robert and mum Elizabeth were waiting for news at their home in
Mauchline last night.
The friend said: “Liz feared something like this would happen.
“She worried when he was away doing deeper dives but she knew there was
no way of stopping him as it was something he loved. He was a lovely
guy and this will devastate his family and friends.”
Brian took off his oxygen tank to get into a confined space in the
wreck 130ft down. When he failed to re-appear a friend rushed to the
surface and went back down with a spare but was unable to find him.
Navy divers, coastguards, a RAF helicopter and a minesweeper are all
involved in the search.
A spokesman said: “We will keep looking, but it looks grim.”


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