Climber perishes in 150ft Alps fall

HeadLine: Climber perishes in 150ft Alps fall

The Mirror, 31/08/2001, p4

A SCOTS climber has plunged 150ft to his death in the French Alps.
Ewan Easton, 19, from Glasgow, was attempting a tricky climb with a pal
when he lost his footing.
His climbing companion, who has not been named, was left clinging to a
rock thousands of feet up as his dead pal – tied to the same rope – was
suspended 150ft below.
The pair were heading back down the mountain after taking the wrong
route on the notoriously difficult Barre des Ecrins mountain in
Medical student Ewan, the son of Babcock Engineering boss Murray
Easton, lost his grip on the loose surface.
Both climbers were suddenly sent careering over the edge of the
12,000ft-high slope.
Ewan hit an outcrop 150ft below before the rope reached full tension,
saving his pal from being wrenched off the rockface.
The distraught climber had to cut himself free from his friend before
heading for safety.
He took 20 hours to descend the mountain in terrible weather before
alerting rescue services at midday yesterday.
A French mountain rescue spokesman said yesterday: “We sent out a
helicopter and found the victim’s body on a small rocky ledge.
“Judging from his injuries, he died in the fall and not later after his
friend set off.”
A Foreign Office spokesman said: “French police have launched an
investigation into the cause of the accident.”


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