Cherie Blaaarrrgh!

HeadLine: Cherie Blaaarrrgh!

The Mirror, 23/11/2000, p3

WITH a right hook any grown-up boxer would envy, a little lad lands a
fistful of play dough smack on Cherie Blair’s nose.
She tried to bob and weave but impish Stephen Morrison’s aim was just
too accurate.
The Prime Minister’s wife might have considered it the height of
ingratitude. After all, she’d spent some time helping Stephen, three,
mould his flour and clay mixture into the shape of a snail as she sat
with a bunch of under-fours on a visit to a community project.
But the mum of four sportingly laughed it off and calmly set about
remaking Stephen’s work of art.
With baby Leo in mind she said afterwards: “Nothing about meeting small
children surprises me. And as I have a few more years of modelling clay
in front of me, I suppose I’d better get used to it.”
Jan Casson, manager of the Surestart project on the Broomgrove estate
in Hastings, East Sussex, said: “She was wonderful and took it all in
great spirit.”
Stephen, who bears a certain resemblance to Tory leader William Hague,
was pleased with himself, too. “I was giving her the play dough and
then I stuck it in her nose,” he chortled.
Embarrassed dad Jackie, 38, who had a ringside view, said loyally: “He
can be a bit of a tearaway but usually he is an angel.”


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