The Mirror, 22/08/2001, p1

THREE pals were fighting for their lives last night after a teenage
driver ploughed into a school bus queue.
Fiona McGill, 15, Stephanie O’Brien, 12, and Julie Ann Glancey, 13, all
from Uddingston, Lanarkshire, were catapulted several feet into the
Fellow pupil David Bradley told how he and his friends had to jump out
of the way of the car moments before the bloody carnage unfolded.
He said: “The driver came straight at us. We had to jump out of the way
but he crossed the road and went straight into three girls.”
His dad Peter, 45, a former ambulanceman, added: “It was one of the
worst scenes I have ever witnessed.”


The Mirror, 22/08/2001, p6&7

THREE pals were mown down as they waited for their school bus yesterday.
The schoolgirls were thrown three feet into the air and over a fence by
the force of the impact after a teenage lost control of his car.
All three were fighting for life in hospital last night.
One of the girls, Fiona McGill, 15, sustained serious head injuries.
Her pal Stephanie O’Brien, 12, underwent surgery after being impaled
through her stomach on an iron fence spike.
And Stephanie’s best friend Julie Ann Glancey, 13, shattered her pelvis
and broke both legs after being crushed by the car.
Julie Ann’s dad Robert ran bare-chested from his nearby terraced house
and frantically tried to help his badly-injured daughter.
Six other pupils were treated for shock at the scene after watching the
car plough into their young friends.
Last night police were still investigating the cause of the accident in
Uddingston, Lanarkshire, and were quizzing the 18-year-old driver of
the car, a postman.
Second year pupil David Bradley said he and friends had to jump out of
the way of the car moments before it ploughed into the youngsters.
The shocked teenager said: “We saw the red car driving up the road and
a post van coming in the other direction.
“The car was going very fast and as it passed the post van the driver
swerved towards it.
“But when he swerved away to miss it he lost control and mounted the
pavement and came straight at us.
“We had to jump out of the way but he crossed the road again and went
straight into three girls and sent them flying up in the air.”
His dad, former ambulanceman Peter Bradley, 45, dashed out of his house
to help the girls.
He said: “It was one of the worst scenes I have ever witnessed.
“The girls had been thrown into the park and were all badly injured.
“I immediately went to Fiona who seemed the worst and was unconscious
with a fractured skull. She had blood pouring from nose and ears.
“Stephanie had a badly injured abdomen and Julie Ann had two badly
broken legs and the skin had been ripped from the knee and shin of one
of them.
“She had obviously broken her pelvis but despite the pain she was being
very brave and kept asking me how her friends were.”
Eyewitnesses claim the driver of the Vauxhall Nova swerved and, as he
attempted to correct his course, lost control and mounted the kerb,
catapulting the girls over the three feet fence into a playpark.
Psychiatric nurse John Grant, 42, was lying in bed when he heard the
roar of a car engine, brakes screeching, the sound of a smash then
He threw on his clothes and rushed outside.
The shaken nurse said: “The scene was horrific.
“I have never seen anything like it my life and hope I won’t ever again.
“The girls had been thrown into the park and were badly injured. The
driver was kneeling beside the smashed up Nova.
“One of the girls had her head slumped against the fence and appeared
to have abdominal injuries. She was slipping into unconsciousness and
going into severe shock.
“I put a pad to her injured front and tried to keep her conscious until
the ambulance arrived.
“The other girl had a severe leg injury and was screaming and crying.
“A group of kids from another school had got on their bus just two
minutes before.
“It was bad enough but there could have been a blood bath.”
Another nearby resident, John Donnelly, 30, said he ran out of his home
seconds after he heard the sound of the car smashing into the metal
He said: “I just grabbed some towels and used them to cover the girls’
“There were lots of other people doing what they could to help.”
Schoolbags, books and jotters were strewn across the crash scene which
was yesterday left dripping in blood.
Fiona, Julie Ann and Stephanie had been waiting to be picked up for the
second day of the new term at Cardinal Newman High School in nearby
Bellshill when tragedy struck.
The three girls were rushed to hospital after the horror smash – just
yards from their homes.
Julie Ann and Fiona were rushed to Monklands District hospital while
Stephanie was taken to Wishaw General.
Staff at Monklands last night said Fiona was in a critical condition in
intensive care suffering from severe head injuries.
Her two schoolpals were in a serious condition.
School chaplain Father Stephen Riley administered Last Rites to Fiona
as she lay in casualty.
Father Jim Morris, of nearby St Gabriel’s, said: “I was saying mass
when news of this tragic accident was given to me.
“Father Riley has been comforting the families.
“We will be saying prayers at mass today and lighting candles for all
three girls and their next of kin.”
At the family’s terraced home, Fiona’s older sister Claire, 17, who had
just returned from the hospital with her boyfriend Rab Norman, 20, said
they were all devastated by the accident.
She said: “The whole family is with her right now in the intensive care
“The doctors say she is still critical. We have heard rumours about how
the accident happened but we don’t know the full circumstances yet.”
Her boyfriend added: “The family are devastated. No-one can quite
believe it.”
Strathclyde Police traffic officers sealed off the road for three hours
and began a detailed investigation at the accident scene.
But it is understood a section of the bloodied fence has now been taken
away for examination by forensic scientists.
A Royal Mail spokesman revealed that the driver of the car had been on
duty at the time.
He said that the company allows postmen to use their own vehicles to
get to and from the start and finish of their rounds.
He added: “How the accident happened is a matter for the police and we
will certainly liaise with them in any way we can.
“We will be interviewing the postman concerned as part of our own
internal inquiries.
“Our thoughts are with the injured children and their families.”


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