The Mirror, 24/11/2000, p27

A GRAMMAR school is investigating claims student cadets were subjected
to bullying and racial abuse during a camping trip.
Up to 14 younger boys were forced to view pornography, dance
suggestively and commit inappropriate acts, it is claimed. At least one
was allegedly beaten.
A 17-year-old boy serving as an NCO has been expelled.
The claims came to light after staff at Maidstone Grammar School in
Kent saw bruising on a pupil.
The boy admitted he had been bullied after his parents were called in.
The school has since suspended all activities involving the combined
cadet force.
A source said: “No-one is quite sure about all the details, but it’s
alleged that some of the children were abused, both racially and
Teachers, MoD officials and the Cadet Force are investigating.
The exercise at Shornecliffe Garrison was the first time new cadets,
aged 14 to 17, had gone on a weekend trip with the combined force.
The 54 pupils were accompanied by four teachers.
A spokesman for Kent County Council said: “The school is taking these
allegations very seriously.”
Maidstone Grammar was named the top school in its area in the
Government league tables. Former pupils include Red Arrows leader
Anthony Whiteman while “Lord of the Flies” author William Golding was
once on the staff.
A source close to head Neil Turrell said: “I know the headteacher is
deeply shocked and concerned.
“It’s a very good school, he doesn’t allow threatening behaviour at the
school in any shape or form.”
A spokesman for the Combined Cadet Force confirmed it was aware of the
He said: “We would fully support the actions of the headmaster.
“We will not tolerate this kind of behaviour.”


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