Daily Record, 08/02/2000, p17

THE town dubbed the most boring in Britain by an Internet tour guide
has become an even bigger yawn.
Brechin’s social heart, Flicks Nightclub, has been banned from playing
music after watchdogs found it had been operating illegally for a year.
Phonograph Performance Ltd discovered nightclub bosses had failed to
pay for their music licence and won an order to stop the venue playing
Phonograph, which casts a watchful eye over the UK on behalf of artists
and recording companies to ensure they are paid royalties, was granted
an order at Forfar Sheriff Court yesterday.
The court also ordered Flicks to pay £1975, which represents the bulk
of the licence for a year.
The ruling means that unless the club’s management make the outstanding
payments, weekend revellers will be left kicking their heels.
The court was told Flicks had paid part of the licence fee but had been
playing records two nights a week since last March without a licence.
Suzanne Bye, licensing manager for Phonograph, said: “We could refuse
them a licence in future.”
Flicks became a disco phenomenon in the 1980s as a pioneering venue on
the east coast which attracted clubbers from Edinburgh, Glasgow and
Last week The Knowhere Guide to Britain website branded the town
The website, from London-based media company State 51, said: “The
majority of people in Brechin have no social life at all.
“They go out in their own wee groups divided into the stuck-up snob
bitches too cool to speak to anyone else and thick college dropouts who
fight because that is all their pea-brains are capable of.”
Ironically one of the few places praised was Flicks.
Last night, Marc Sivewright, of Flicks, blamed the legal action against
the club on a bank error.
He claimed the problem was in the process of being “sorted out” and
said it should be business as usual this weekend.


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  1. That brings a wee glow to my heart, ive lived in Brechin for about 21 out of my 24 years, people in Brechin can not socialise! FACT
    In 2003 i decided to walk away from Brechin to join the army, to better myself and to prove people wrong, it is extremely funny goin back ever so often and finding out that nobody has changed one bit.
    Yours Faithfully

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