HeadLine: BEGGS IS COMING IN 48hrs

The Mirror, 06/01/2001, p18

LIMBS in the loch suspect William Beggs could be back in Scotland
within 48 hours.
It is understood that Strathclyde Police have made special arrangements
to bring him back from Holland as soon as possible.
He lost his final appeal against extradition from Holland yesterday and
two Scots detectives were at the Court of Justice in The Hague. They
were waiting to charge him personally with the alleged murder of
Ayrshire teenager Barry Wallace and make arrangements to bring him back
to Scotland to face trial.
Wallace, 18, from Kilmarnock, vanished in December 1999. His severed
limbs were discovered later in Loch Lomond and his head was found on a
beach at Troon, Ayrshire.
Beggs, 37,was arrested in Amsterdam in December 1999. Yesterday, the
Dutch court rejected his plea that media coverage of the killing made a
fair trial in Scotland impossible.
Beggs will be held in custody on his arrival in Scotland before first
appearing at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court.


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