The People, 30/04/2000, p19

SPY cameras are being fitted to the London Eye to stop amorous couples
trying to join the “Eye Mile High Club”.
Thrill-seekers have been booking entire pods at £275 a time for
the half-hour long ride on the Millennium Wheel.
Now CCTV cameras are being fitted to all 32 pods in a bid to deter the
The move comes after staff spotted one randy pair in a clinch in one of
the glass capsules hundreds of feet up on the south bank of the Thames.
A worker at the British Airways sponsored attraction said: “This guy
was trying to get the woman’s blouse off.
“But one of our workers spotted them from another car.
“He told them over the intercom in no uncertain terms to cut it out or
he would have to report them to police. But they didn’t seem to be
bothered. They just smiled and went away laughing and giggling when
they got off.”
Most of the customers have children with them for a day out.
The worker added: “It might seem quite funny but the last thing we want
is a load of kids to get an eyeful of something like that.
“Those pods that haven’t got any cameras fitted yet are going round
with a worker in them to make sure no-one gets up to any naughties.”
It is hoped the new security system will also help stop another craze –
stink bombs being let off by schoolkids.


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