The Mirror, 24/11/2000, p9

THE 30,000 Britons living in Saudi Arabia were put on high alert
yesterday after a second bomb attack.
Two British men and a woman were injured when their car was blown up in
Riyadh, capital of the desert kingdom.
The blast came less than a week after British engineer Christopher
Rodway, 47, was killed.
Experts warned that Britons in Saudi could now be equally at risk as
Americans from attacks by Islamic militants.
The most likely suspects are followers of Osama bin Laden, the renegade
Saudi millionaire.
America has put a £3.5million price on his head following a series of
raids against US targets.
British Embassy staff urged Britons and their families to keep a low
profile and be especially vigilant.
Terrorism expert Professor Paul Wilkinson called for urgent extra
He said: “There is increasing evidence of the need to improve security
for expatriates in Saudi and elsewhere in the Middle East.
“British security measures must be based on the assumption that British
targets are also at risk.”
Two men who work for the Al-Salam Aircraft Company were injured in the
latest bombing as they drove along King Abdul Aziz street in the centre
of the capital at 1am. One was taken to hospital with leg wounds. The
other man and the woman were treated for minor injuries.
Their car was badly damaged.
Mr Rodway, from Gloucestershire, died in last Friday’s attack after an
explosion ripped through his four-wheel-drive vehicle.
His wife Jane, 50, suffered minor injuries. The couple had been in the
region for eight years.
Oil-rich Saudi Arabia attracts thousands of Westerners lured by high
tax-free salaries. Most jobs are in key industries such as
construction, engineering, defence, oil and gas.
But there are opportunities for British nurses, doctors, teachers and
beauty therapists.
David Creffield, publisher of the Overseas Job Express, said: “More
than 3,000 Brits go to Saudi every year.
“The Saudis tend to keep the Government and civil service jobs for
“Britons and the Americans will do specialised work and even some less
skilled jobs.”


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