Daily Record, 10/04/1998, p9
by Shaun Milne

A killer driver laughed as he walked free from court yesterday despite
mowing down a dad.
Heartless Calum Robb, 23, sneered at waiting photographers outside.
He had faced a charge of causing death by dangerous driving following
the tragedy last June.
But the Crown accepted a guilty plea to the lesser charge of careless
Alexander Temple, 42, died instantly when Robb’s car ploughed into the
back of his bike.
Robb, of Lyon Cottage, Inverkip, Renfrewshire, was fined £500 and had
eight penalty points put on his licence at Greenock Sheriff Court.
Sheriff John Herald told him: “I must disregard the consequences and
consider only the level of carelessness.”
But Alexander’s grieving son Alistair, 15, slammed the sentence as far
too lenient.
Choking back tears, he said: “It’s shocking. I’ve lost my dad and am
still struggling to come to terms with it.
“Yet the man who caused his death is just fined £500. He will have to
live with the guilt.
“It’s out of order.”
Experienced cyclist Alexander was taking part in time trials for a race
in Port Glasgow along with his son.
The court heard Robb was adjusting a sun visor in his car when he
crashed into the dental technician.
Alexander was thrown into the air by the impact from Robb’s Vauxhall
He died at the scene near the Newark Roundabout on the A8 on June 18
last year.
Alistair, who lives with his mum Rae and older brother Graham in
Kirkcaldy, was furious the Crown accepted Robb’s lesser plea.
He said: “I think the most serious charge is the only one which would
have been appropriate.
“The guy must have been driving recklessly to hit a cyclist the way he
“Mum hasn’t heard the outcome of the court case, but she will be
Robb, a laminator, was told off by the sheriff for clambering over
seats on his way to the dock.
He was also ordered to take chewing gum out of his mouth while
appearing before the bench.
Robb’s lawyer Tom Ward said: “It was a tragic but momentary inattention
on his part.
“He looked up to adjust his sun visor and the next thing he remembers
there was a cyclist in front of him.”
But depute fiscal Clifford Most told Greenock Sheriff Court that
experts estimated he could have seen for 700 metres at the spot.
He said: “There was no evidence that he had taken evasive action. He
would have had ample time to notice the cyclist and avoid colliding
with him.
“One eyewitness who had just overtaken the accused’s car spoke of
looking in his rear mirror and seeing a cyclist flying through the
Robb refused to comment as he was ushered out of court by relatives
But a cousin said: “Calum feels terribly for the family of the victim.
It has also affected him badly.”


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  1. This was my uncle killed in this crash and still affects the family today, would dearly love to know what the delightful mr robb is doing today?

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