Probe after kid is shot in the eye

HeadLine: Probe after kid is shot in the eye

Daily Record, 24/04/1998, p9
by Shaun Milne

A family were hoping last night that surgeons had managed to save their
son’s sight after he was shot at school.
The 14-year-old was said to have been blasted in the face with an air
gun by a fellow pupil.
He was taken to hospital for emergency surgery. The boy was detained
for observation and to learn if his sight had been saved.
But last night, a source said: “It looks as if he might have lost his
eye. We can only hope for the best now.”
The third-year boy was shot during morning break at Williamwood High
School near Glasgow.
Other pupils who watched the incident on Tuesday screamed in horror as
the victim collapsed in agony.
Two teachers and a senior member of staff were on patrol in the school
grounds at the time. Police were called to the school and East
Renfrewshire Council launched their own investigation.
Last night, it was revealed two 14-year-old boys had been expelled over
the incident and another suspended.
A council spokesman said: “One of the 14-year-olds is subject to a
report to the Reporter to the Children’s Panel and to the procurator
“The school and education department have co-operated fully with police
in their inquiries, and the education department’s own inquiries are


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