Parcel bomb suspect is now in Iran

HeadLine: Parcel bomb suspect is now in Iran

Daily Record, 14/05/1998, p10
by Shaun Milne

The man wanted by police for the Dundee parcel bomb attack has fled to
his Middle East homeland.
The Foreign Office confirmed yesterday that Cyrus Ghiassy was in Iran.
And now moves are under way to have the 57-year-old sent back to
There’s no extradition treaty between the two countries, but a Foreign
Office source said: “There is good co- operation between our police and
the Iranians.
“I’d expect to see him back in Britain before too long.”
Ghiassy is wanted in connection with last Thursday’s attack which left
ex-policeman Mike Coyne and wife Margaret, both 63, badly injured.
Detectives also want to quiz him about two identical parcel bombs
intended for addresses in Fife and Kent which were intercepted and made
safe at a delivery firm’s office in Norfolk.
Ghiassy, who has a British passport, had been living in a £300-a-week
riverside home on the Norfolk Broads.
It’s thought he caught a flight to Iran last Thursday night after
driving his hire car to Heathrow.
A Foreign Office spokesman said yesterday: “We now know Mr Ghiassy is
in Iran.
“We have been talking with police in Britain and also Iranian police
through Interpol to see what kind of co- operation there can be in
terms of having him extradited for questioning.”
Anthony Trafford, who owns the house where Ghiassy was staying, said:
“He said he was a professor working at a university and was doing some
“He was obviously an intelligent man and seemed perfectly normal.
“He always paid his rent in advance.”


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