Daily Record, 07/05/1998, p3

A millionaire landowner has launched a court bid to evict his son who
fell for a stable girl.
Michael Nurse wants his son, Michael Jnr, banned from the family farm
after a bitter feud.
The men have been involved in the row since Michael Jnr fell for local
stablegirl Lindy Crawford.
Police moved in yesterday and ordered Michael and Lindy to leave the
Ayrshire farm where they had been working to set up a livery business.
They packed their things from a trailer home in the farm grounds,
loaded up a hire van and sped off, clearly upset.
Four horses in their care also have to be moved and the couple say they
are now homeless and broke .
Michael Jnr said: “The police told me that I had half an hour to get
all my stuff together, along with four horses, and to be off the farm
otherwise they would take me to jail. What else can I do?”
His dad claims that his 28-year-old son has had a change of character,
assaulted him and threatened his mother since he met Lindy.
He lodged eviction papers against his son at Ayr Sheriff Court.
But he was emotional yesterday as Michael Jnr fled Broomhill Farm, near
Dundonald .
Michael Snr, said: “I am very, very upset. I love my son very much. I
always have and I would do almost anything I possibly could for him.
“I don’t dislike the girl. I don’t know her. In fact, I’d say I have
done nothing but go out of my way to be overly polite to her when we
have met.
“All I know is she was a groom or stable hand or something. But since
he met her he has changed.
“He is usually diverted now, and as a concerned father, I think that is
because of her.
“He has become aggressive, is usually distracted from work, in fact his
own personality has changed.
“My son has got to accept his responsibilities for work as well as
other aspects of his life.
“All I wanted to do was help and give him an opportunity to do
something with his life.
“Since he met Lindy Crawford, who I understand is an unemployed groom,
he has totally changed.
“His motivation seems to come from Lindy and I don’t even know her, or
her family or anything about her.”
The 62-year-old, who made his fortune in the nursing home business,
bought Broomhill Farm in 40 acres of countryside 15 months ago.
He hoped to move into the farmhouse with his wife Kathleen, 58, after
one of their three daughters, Ruth, helped renovate the property.
But Michael and Lindy also shared dreams. They wanted to run a livery
from the farm and converted a run- down barn into a splendid stable
block for their string of horses.
The son is defending the eviction action.
Michael Snr claims he was left with no choice after the family feud
spilled over into violence just a fortnight ago.
He said: “My son came to the back door two weeks ago saying he wanted
to speak to me so I invited him in and offered him a cigarette.
“He told me he wanted to buy some of the land and I told him he
couldn’t because I had my own lenders to satisfy. He thinks I’m a
bottomless pit when it comes to money.
“Then he grabbed me by the throat and pushed me up against the cabinets.
“That was when his mother walked in. You can imagine the state she was
in at seeing that.
“She picked up the phone to dial the police and Michael told her if she
did he would kill her. He said that to his own mother. There’s got to
be a limit to what a parent will take.”
Michael Jnr’s solicitor, Michael Johnston, said: “We are defending an
action of ejection which has been raised at Ayr Sheriff Court by Mr
Nurse Snr.”
According to Michael Jnr, when his father bought the farm the son
invested his life savings of more than £20,000 in it, on the
understanding that he would have the farm buildings and the land to run
a livery business.
He said that in return he was to contribute to the farm.
He claims he was to live in the large farmhouse with his parents until
he built a house of his own on the farm.
But they moved in his sister Ruth instead.
Michael Jnr and Lindy said they drew up plans to convert a derelict
cowshed into a modern stable block with eight boxes, which now houses
four horses.
They said a poisoner targeted six horses in February.
Michael Jnr added: “Someone had thrown barley soaked in the same poison
Rentokil use all over the stables and into the boxes.”
His parents said that the same thing happened to their own horses at
the same time.
Mum Kathleen said: “A bag with the poison was found near their water
No harm came to any of the animals.
Lindy, 23, said: “The father, Ruth and his mother have been continuing
with a hate campaign against Michael and myself.
“We have both been verbally abused and called things you don’t want to
print in your paper.
“Our electricity has been switched off. Every day is a nightmare.
“His family continually try to provoke us by keeping our mail for days
then throwing it at us and calling us losers and scum.”
Michael Jnr added: “At one time I had an £80,000 flat in Troon and
drove a Mercedes and was travelling all over the country to take part
in show-jumping events.
“But I gave all that up to invest in the farm because all I wanted was
stables of my own.
“My parents own a nursing home worth £2million yet they seem to
want to ruin us.”


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