Daily Record, 05/05/1998, p20
by Shaun Milne

Scientists in America claim to be on the verge of wiping out ALL
A team led by Harvard professor Dr Judah Folkman have discovered drugs
which kill off the disease in mice.
They made infected tumours start to shrink – then disappear completely.
Now the US team hope to start trials on humans within 12 months.
Nobel prize-winner Dr James Watson, director of a cancer research
centre in New York, predicted: “Judah is going to cure cancer in two
And Dr Richard Klausner, of the US National Cancer Institute, heralded
the research as “remarkable and wonderful”.
He said: “I am putting nothing on higher priority than getting this
into clinical trials.”
Dr Folkman claims anti-angiogenesis drugs called angiostatin and
endostatin starve cancer tumours of the blood they need to survive.
But he admitted: “We have to be careful with expectations. The
important thing is determining whether they work on people.”
Yesterday’s news came as scientists in Australia unveiled a simple flu-
style jab which they said could wipe out breast cancer.
It works by injecting the body with a chemical which alerts the body to
the cancer and allows the immune system to start fighting.
Cancer tumours normally flourish because the immune system doesn’t
recognise them as a threat as they are made of the body’s own mutant
But the vaccine includes a sugar called mannan which appears on yeast
cells with another chemical, mucin.
Mucin lives on cancer cells – and when both it and mannan are released
into the body, they kick- start the immune system into action.
The body then targets the tumour until, hopefully, it disappears.
The Melbourne researchers say 27 out of 30 women who were given the jab
developed vital antibodies against cancer.
And many of them saw their tumours shrink.
The breakthroughs in America and Australia came just a week after a
team at Dundee University claimed they had identified a gene which
protects the body against cancer.
They are now trying to develop a specific virus which will destroy only
cancerous cells.
But as science seems to be winning the battle against nature, one
expert warned the public not to get carried away.
Dr Hamish Wallace, of Edinburgh’s Royal Hospital for Sick Children,
said: “They’re all great steps forward in a way because they’re
chipping away, making small advances.
“There’s a great deal of work going in to try and find how best to cure
cancer. I think people should take comfort from that.
“But a drug that stops blood vessels and tumours forming in mice is
still a long, long way from actually sorting out the big `C’.”


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