Daily Record, 20/04/1998, p13
by Shaun Milne

Raging MP George Galloway has fiercely denied bedding a young student
behind his girlfriend’s back.
He scoffed: “Bed her, I’ve never even been alone with her!”
And he vowed to sue the people responsible for launching what he said
was a hate campaign against him.
Cuban Judy Longcham-Lopez, 21, claimed Galloway had steamy romps with
She said he promised her a life of luxury away from the poverty endured
under dictator Fidel Castro.
And in a Sunday paper she alleged Galloway set up a love-nest with
phone, fax and bedtime reading.
But speaking exclusively to the Record, Glasgow Kelvin MP Galloway
sneered: “This whole story is just a parcel of lies.
“It’s the crescendo of a week full of hatred and abuse levelled against
Galloway is separated from wife Elaine and lives with Palestinian
girlfriend Amineh Abu-Zayyad.
She was with him at their London flat yesterday.
George said: “She’s standing right next to me. She’s as solid as a
rock. She knows the reason why these attacks are being made.
“This is all because I had the temerity to show the British people what
affect sanctions are having on the Iraqi people.
“It constitutes the paid revenge of a woman known to me but who has
never been in any kind of personal relationship with me.”
Galloway sparked a row last week by bringing Iraqi Mariam Hamza to
Glasgow for treatment for leukemia.
He was accused of using the four-year-old as a political pawn to have
sanctions against her country lifted.
He went on: “It is no coincidence this tissue of lies has been
published at the end of a week in which the abuse against me for having
exposed to the British people, perhaps for the first time, the reality
of what the sanctions policy is doing in Iraq, has peaked.
“This story is a well-paid-for act of revenge by this individual with
whom I have never had any kind of personal relationship.
“I have NEVER been alone with this woman.
“I’ll be suing for libel. I’ve already fixed an appointment with my
“And I’ll sue anyone who repeats its import.”
Galloway poured scorn on Judy’s claim that she first met him in public
three years ago while she posed nude in a hotel bubble bath.
He completely denied ever meeting her alone, having sex with her or
having any relationship with her other than as a boss.
He said: “I was never in Cuba in 1995.
“The very idea that in Communist Cuba a woman would be allowed to lie
nude in a bubble bath in a public place in a hotel owned by the
government is laughable.”
He said she worked for him and colleagues while they tried to set up a
restaurant in Cuba.
Her job involved finding accommodation they could use as a flat and
office while negotiating the deal which later fell through.
Galloway said Judy was a keyholder to the flat but was not allowed to
take anyone there.
But he said one of his business partners found out she had abused their
He said: “He came in one night to discover this woman in bed with a
Cuban man.
“Later, he discovered that an electronic diary and a small quantity of
cash was missing from his luggage. He reported this to us, phoned her
and dismissed her.”
But Galloway warned he would fight his critics.
He said: “My activities are controversial enough to allow papers to
attack me in the fiercest possible way.
“But any newspaper which lies about me will be sued for libel. I will
always take legal action.”


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